Sandro Torres


Sandro Torres is a law firm that provides legal services to workers in the banking sector. The office is located in Rio de Janeiro and serves all cities in the state.


They offer personalized, individualized and tailormade services for litigation or consultancy issues, in the areas of labor law, social security law and health insurance.


Success Case


The company had plans to expand its area of operation, and like any growing company, it understood the essential necessity to pay close attention to people management.


They felt the impact of not having information and organized data about the performance of employeesto support more assertive HR decisions. They wanted to improve feedbacks and gather all the data in one place, easily and without bureaucracy.


And up until the moment of contact with Mindsight, from time to time, performance evaluations were realized, but manually – and this was a process that took a long time.


HR was responsible for creating the assessment, compiling the results, making calculations, and even assembling the reports manually. In addition to all the loose work, the company realized that it lacked assertiveness.


The Objectives


Sando Torres was looking for an intelligent performance management solution, based on solid methodologies and yet agile and easy in terms of operation.


Given the Backstory and the needs presented, we can say that the main objectives of the organization with the tool were:


  • Have practicality and agility in performance evaluation, leaving the operational process in the past
  • Establish 6month cycles of periodic evaluations
  • Provide assertive feedbacks and generate dialogue with stakeholders
  • Make decisions on team-members supported by performance data
  • Strengthen the organizational culture


Gestão de Pessoas


The decision to use the Mindsight platform came from a benchmark with XP Inc. and Stone Payments. When visiting these organizations - which are former Mindsight customers - Sandro Torres became interested in personalized services and the strong data driven programs we offer from our solutions.


The Implementation


The implementation tool process took place in a series of training sessions, both operational and methodological and based on performance management. According to Sarita Telles, partner and responsible for implementing the solution,


Mindsight can be seen as a teacher for its customers, teaching concepts on how we can strengthen our culture. The implementation was truly a pedagogical process.”


The first step was to review the inhouse company evaluation process and then guide them towards a complete restructuring.


Together, new concepts were created to better understand values and culture, and then the implementation of scales based on the BARS methodology (Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale), where each note of the scale is described by a specific type of behavior.


In addition to the creation of scales for culture and goal management, the company received guidelines for good practices for the calibration, feedback and IDPs (individual development plan) of each employee. The evaluation cycle became semiannual, as Sarita Telles comments:


“Before, the process was very long and difficult, so it had to be annual. Now, we have managed to make the cycle semiannual.. As Mindsight provides the main management platform, we don't have to realize yearly reviews, and now we have a set performance evaluation routine.”


From 2 weeks to 1 hour


In the past, when employees finished responding to the assessment, the process of closing and calculating the results required 2 full weeks. Today, this is done in just 1 hour. According to Sarita,


“When the response period ends, the entire team is reviewed in just 1 hour.”


More Assertive Feedbacks


Sarita also comments that the feedbacks were much better with the support of the tool, since the employee has access to all the answers within the system, which makes it possible to question the evaluation and generate more dialogue.


Up to this point, the evaluations were in the 90-degree model, where only the leader evaluated the team member, due to operational limitations and lack of knowledge on the subject.


After the advice offered by Mindsight during the implementation phase, Sandro Torres also signed up with the self-assessment program, where each person can evaluate him/herself. According to Sarita:


“The combination of the leader's assessment and the employee's self-assessment made the process much richer. The feedbacks are better, because the employees’ question, debate, is more bilateral. The data creates a foundation and it is not just the company dictating and giving its impressions.”


Líder dando feedback


Today employees know more clearly what criteria and behaviors are their deliverables that will drive a good performance review. Sarita also points out:


You can't be subjective at these times. One of our values is meritocracy and we take the performance management process very seriously.”


The Results


Today, Sandro Torres has organized and optimized its entire performance management process, from performance evaluation, regulation, feedbacks and human capital management decision making. In addition, the organizational culture was strengthened and today the human relations process is strongly assessed.


The response from employees after implementation was also very positiveSarita reports that assessment moments have have become a channel for communication and self-development for employees. According to her:


“The implementation was great, the staff liked it a lot and, compared to before, they found the process very fast. The system is more practical and easier to understand.”


Today, there is a performance evaluation routine realized each semester and each employee leaves the cycle with an Individual Development Plan (IDP).


In addition to the direct benefits related to the development and management of people, there was a great savings of time. Today the process is completely automated. What used to take 2 full weeks, today is resolved in about 1 hour.