Suzano: Diversidad y Eficiencia en el Programa de Pasantía


A Suzano is the largest global producer of eucalyptus pulp and one of the 10 largest cellulose companies in the market, in addition to being a world leader in the paper market. Given its size, it has several vacancies for both the corporate office and the factories.


In such a large and renowned company, a constant efficiency improvement of its processes is always expected. And that was what Suzano sought with the use of Mindmatch in the internship program.


 “Suzano na Facul Contrata Você” is a company internship program, which has several employer brandings actions , focusing on making interns brandambassadors at universities and through them, attracting new people who identify with the company culture.


In the 2020 edition of the program, Suzano decided to adopt the Mindmatch multitude of tests as a screening criterion, leaving the analysis of resumes for later moments. With that, it had two major goals:

1. Avoid discriminatory bias and ensure diversity

2. Increase the efficiency of the process, decreasing screening time


Tests do not take into account any background information, which can often skew recruiters' assessment. To be approved for the next steps, Mindmatch evaluated what really matters for Suzano: o the cultural fit and the potential of the candidates.


The program had 1175 candidates for 15 vacancies. The goal of the Mindsight team was to carry out a filter with three criteria: cultural fit, match with open positions and career potential. All of these requirements are measured with validated psychometric tests and artificial intelligence algorithms.


Right at the initial screening, the first big result

To analyze about 60% of the resumes, Suzano spent an average of 117 hours of work for recruiters. With Mindmatch, they were able to filter all candidates in 5 hours. In other words, we reduced the time spent on screening by 95% .


Considering, also, the average market salary for recruiters, the time savings represent the value of a monthly fee from Mindmatch. Therefore, with just one selection process, the use of the tool is already proving to be a scalable economy for Suzano.


A second analysis was in relation to diversity. Suzano is very concerned with this issue and would like to preserve diversity within the hiring process. Given the reality of the Brazilian industry, with a predominance of men, the greatest concern was with gender diversity.


No sooner said than done:

Of the 63 finalists, 49% were women and 51% men, a great balance that maintained the diversity achieved in the recruitment phase. conquistada na fase de atração.


Mindmatch is a bias-free tool, as it does not evaluate any demographic information about the candidate. Therefore, it’s a tool that drives for diversity.


The Suzano team reports great satisfaction with the process. Kassio Castro, Planning and Talent Management Analyst at Suzano, says that:

"For Suzano, it was excellent to find a tool that would allow us to speed up the selection process, while ensuring the elimination of biases that the resume often favors."