How the Rationality Test helps you select high performers


Rationality test: have you heard of it? This method has been increasingly used by several companies, as they are considered excellent predictors of job at work. 


In addition, this test has been more assertive than reviewing resumes and is much less biased. Therefore, it remains one of the best methods to screening of candidates during the selection process. 


After all, for a long time the resume was used as the only method to define whether a candidate is a fit for a job or not, simply on the basis of some technical information contained on a sheet of paper. 


However, in today’s age, the resume is no longer the only determining method. 


Report - Selection by resumes causes discrimination by gender, color and ageacesse agora

Are you curious to understand a bit more about the reasoning test, what is its function and why is it effective? Then keep reading this article! 

  1. What are the differences between assessments and resumes? 
  2. What are assessments?
  3. What are the benefits of this method? 
  4. What is screening and how is it done? 
    1. Smith's ruler
  5. What is the function of the rationality test? 
  6. Why use the rationality test? 
  7. Does the rationality test really work?


1. What is the difference between assessments and resumes? 


Before talking about the rationality test, it’s necessary to first understand. what assessmentsare, their respective functionality and their relevance among this business environment 


Nowadays, it is very common to witness several people who are hired through their resume and fired due to their behavior


In fact, factors such as poor performance, inadequacy to the company's culture and possible relationship problems with co-workers, are some of the main causes in the country that can contribute to the dismissal of the employee in question, according to some surveys carried out


While currently the vast majority of companies are looking for employees who are efficient, competent and who are also fully committed to their work. 


Thus, the traditional curricula may not be enough and perhaps not even the most appropriate when assessing a candidate and deciding whether he is fully qualified or not to exercise the position for which he has applied. 


Even more so when the job market has become increasingly competitive and many professionals, in most cases, are fighting for the same job vacancy.


Therefore, the information contained on a simple sheet of paper may not be enough to qualify the professional for the position in question, with some exceptions. 


A resume, basically, is a sheet that contains all the professional qualifications of the individual. 


However, companies seek more than just knowledge about which courses and positions the professional has already obtained. Because these do not necessarily mean the qualification and competence of the employee, they are just a few references of value. There are others out there. 


But they don't say much about their real values and skills, as well as the real challenges they've been through.


2. What are assessments? 


Teste de raciocínio

Tests of the Rationality method have been increasingly used by companies, as they are considered excellent predictors of performance.

We risk saying that a mere resume / cv analysis has become a “primitive” method, biased and not very assertive in relation to the current work scenario. 


After all, information contained on a piece of paper is generally not the best way to define whether that individual will become a valuable professional for the company. 


Then comes the selection process to choose who is apparently more fit.


And, during a selection process, what would be the most suitable methodology to define if the individual fits the position?


Well, in addition to the required technical skills, behavioral skills are also required and should be in accordance to each job profile. 


Based on these points, there are some tools for psychometric analysis, known as assessments, whose use has become widespread. They are faithful allies during the selection process


Basically, assessments are a set of different tools used to carefully analyze and assess a person's behavior and certain skills in the face of various situations and scenarios.


Thus, we are able to determine with more assertiveness whether the candidate has the potential, profile and skills to occupy the position and comply with all the required requirements.


3. What are the benefits of this method? 


A multitude of companies have already adopted this effective methodology to better assess candidates, their personality traits and behavior in certain situations. 


Following this concept, they are able to be more assertive in the screening process to select the most suitable candidate for the vacancy in question. 


As we know, curricula can be quite superficial and not very assertive for candidate analysis.


In the market there are a variety of assessments tools that can be used to assess the candidate, and each of them has very different criteria that fit in certain contexts. 


However, the best known are usually psychometric tests, that is, personality tests, reasoning tests and behavioral tests. 


As previously mentioned, these tests are beneficial for the company to get to know the candidates in a more standardized and analytical way. 


With the assurance of more assertiveness in the selection, we have increased productivity and reduced costs related to the hiring and firing of employees. 


However, for the candidate himself, the tests performed serve as a self-knowledge mechanism


As well as aspects of his personality, he will understand which are the strongest points and which are the points that need to be worked on, so that he can develop and become an increasingly better and more competent professional. 


Thus, the result obtained will be much more efficient and assertive due to this more advanced selection process; which hires the most qualified individuals and who also fit the position to perform their respective function effectively.


4. What is screening and how is it done? 


Teste de raciocínio para recrutamento e seleção: vale a pena?
There are better ways to screen candidates. Invest in scientifically proven methods!


But what is screening? This is the stage of the selection process in which a candidate filtering is carried out, in which the candidates who most fit within the prerequisites of the position evolve to the next stage. 


There are several ways to perform this screening, however, the most common is by resume analysis.


With the constant advancement of technology, most companies have put aside printed resume evaluations and started using digital formats. However, this process can still be extremely slow and fraught with bias


Still not a believer? Access now: Report - Selection by resumes causes discrimination by gender, color and age


Therefore, after finding the most suitable candidates for the position, the company contacts the chosen individuals so that an interview can be carried out. 


What happens most of the time is that few resumes are actually evaluated, many interviews are done, and the company ends up wasting a lot of time and efficiency.


This is because, as has been noted several times, the resume is not the best way to select candidates..


Smith's ruler


Below is a rule / concept developed by Mike Smith, a researcher at the University of Manchester, based on the results of 80 years of studies in organizational psychology. This rule shows the correlation of some selection methods with prediction of future performance..


Régua de Smith
Smith's rule - Used to show the correlation between performance in people selection tests and future performance when hired


The box marked “Educational Qualifications” is precisely related to the evaluation of the curriculum and has a very low correlation with performance.


The boxes marked in blue show different types of psychometric tests, each with a certain correlation with performance, more relevant than the resume.


Of course, this correlation varies from position to position, but it is safe to say that it works better than reading educational qualifications.


I highlight here the assessment of cognitive ability, which is the test marked as highest on the rule. A test of cognitive ability is nothing more than a test of reasoning.


Assessment tools, such as the reasoning test, have gained a lot of notoriety recently.


They are a method with proven effectiveness to evaluate the profiles and measure more carefully certain aspects of the candidate's personality. 


Therefore, it is much more certain that the company will be hiring an employee who meets the requirements and fits perfectly within the requirements of the job.

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5. What is the function of the rationality test? 


It is a known fact that assessment tools are crucial during screening. 


These tools are able to reveal certain aspects of the candidate that cannot be found in a simple resume. 


Although the resume has been used for a long time as the only method of screening candidates, it is because of this flawed selection process that many employees are fired


Although their résumés corresponded to the necessary demands, the employees did not live up to expectations


And how can the earlier mentioned fluid rationality test reduce these unwanted firings?


Well, now that you are more familiar with the term assessments and what its main purpose is, we will see below how the rationality test is generally applied. 


So, you can understand a little about this effective methodology that has been increasingly used by companies to get a better assessment of their candidates. 


The fluid rationality test is an assessment, ou seja, faz parte do conjunto de ferramentas de avaliação


The fluid rationality test is an assessment that is part of the set of assessment tools.


Generally, the fluid rationality test is used during selection processes to measure the candidate's intelligence.


So, there are a variety of different rationality tests. However, the most well-known and used ones are the logical rationality test and the fluid rationality test. They look at different types of intelligence, as explained in the video below:



We will see below a little more about each test. 


Logical rationality test 


Logical rationality tests are usually based on mathematical questions, text interpretation and even general knowledge. Therefore, this test addresses points focused on crystallized intelligence.


Therefore, candidates who have more practice in exact tests will find it easier to answer questions, and others with a higher level of education will have more knowledge in certain subjects. 


For many, logic can be considered as a faithful and extremely necessary companion in our daily lives, to. analyze situations and solve problems


For this, the candidate's rationality is put to the test, and the individual will have to reason in a logical way in the face of certain situations. 


Several people associate rationality tests with mathematics. Although mathematics is indeed present in these tests, they are not the predominant factor. 


Because the logical rationality test also has the function of determining other capabilities, including:


  • To reason with clarity and agility; 
  • Strategic planning; 
  • Ability to interpret statements; 
  • Find answers to situations under stress and in a short period of time. 


Therefore, the logical rationality test may not be the right tool to measure candidates' fluid, or innate, intelligence. 


However, they are effective in determining the individual's level of knowledge about the respective subjects


It is worth mentioning that there is more than one type of logical reasoning: inductive, deductive and abductive. 


Fluid rationality test 


Fluid rationality tests have the main objective of measuring the construction of fluid intelligence.


Fluid intelligence is considered the ability to solve new problems immediately, that is, instinctively and with dexterity. This method also includes some logical rationality; however, it is a more comprehensive concept


In this way, fluid rationality tests seek to measure the construction of fluid intelligence, when an individual is presented with situations or tasks in which he has never been in before nor practiced and which cannot be performed immediately, without critical thinking. 


In other words, it is ideal for assessing how the candidate performs under certain relatively new situations and what his methodologies are for solving tasks quickly and efficiently.


The fluid rationality test is a very important tool to optimize people's decision making. Especially in versatile and generalist positions, or positions that require problem solving. It is a very important factor in ensuring performance.


For this reason, many companies use a fluid rationality test to assess their candidates' cognitive ability


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6. Why use the rationality test? 


Currently, many companies have adopted this methodology during selection processes, precisely because it is an assertive and efficient way to screen candidates


From this premise, we can understand that the rationality test, as well as other assessments, are important for the appraiser


Because the appraiser will be able to better assess the decision-making abilities and the way (and why) the candidate reasoned that way in the face of new situations


Indicadores de RH


Therefore, a candidate who has good fluid rationality is likely to be a better performing professional.


Therefore, using rationality tests to hire an employee who has more intelligence to deal with their job, can be extremely beneficial for a variety of reasons, such as:


  • Increased productivity
  • Faster and more effective decision making
  • Autonomy to handle complex projects. 


In addition, the test may be essential so that the final choice is not made only on the basis of resumes and interviews. As this old fashion form can be less assertive during the screening process. 


In addition, by carrying out other tests it is possible to have a more solid idea about the candidate's profile, as well as his / her skills and competences. Check out the complete battery of tests that Mindsight offers.


So, it can be said with some degree of certainty, that the tests are important and contribute significantly to the admission of employees who are better suited to the demands of the job and who comply with the requirements.. 


This way, the company will have less expenses related to hiring and firing employees, as previously mentioned


7. Does the rationality test really work? 


Estruture seu processo seletivo com teste de raciocínio, teste de personalidade e teste de comportamento.
Structure your selection process with rationality test, personality test and behavioral test.


But do these tests really work? This is a big question that most people have in mind when they encounter the assessments tools.


Especially because it can seem to be a somewhat complicated task to measure people and define them through some tests. 


However, if we think that the alternative is to evaluate them through their resume, it is very clear that realizing these tests is a more assertive selection method. After all, the tests are a standardized assessment, statistically validated and are exempt from background assessment or biases.


It is no wonder that they have become a market tendency and several companies have already adopted this methodology


Therefore, it is worth investing in these tests, to better analyze the candidate and understand how he can fit into the vacancy


In addition, the use of the rationality test and other tests provides some advantages for the company.


When hiring the candidate who most fits the position, the result will be an employee who performs his / her role with competenceAlso contributing to the organization's growth and increased productivity. 


Finally, what did you think of this content? Still have any questions? Learn more about Mindsight tests. And leave your comments on the subject!